About Marihuana Marš

Marihuana Marš (Marihuana march) is a traditional meeting and event organized by ŠOU v Ljubljani (student organization of Ljubljana) since 2002. It is most commonly held on the 20th of April at the Congress square in Ljubljana and is solely organized by students who are trying to warn about the social, medical and economic issues caused by the prohibition of cannabis.  Every year we try to include as many people involved in this field as possible, so our partners vary from non-governmental institutions advocating the legalization of cannabis, local firms whose main business is making cannabis-related products to political parties, etc.

Our main goal is to start a public debate involving the legalization of cannabis in Slovenia while showing the absurdity of the current repression, convince the public such a subject is important and should have a political-weight when it comes to elections and someday actually experience the legalization itself in our small, beautiful, green country. As a student organization, we choose the cannabis topic because it directly and indirectly concerns most of the students and the public and because the laws in Slovenia are made in a way that they take more than they bring, while repressing the cannabis users, either the ones who use it recreationally or the ones who use it with a medical purpose.

In 2017, the Slovenian government made a step forward allowing the use of cannabis in medicine, but we are still far, far away from where we want to be. The evidence is there. Scientific research, experiences from other countries all point to a fact that decriminalization and regulation of cannabis is the only way forward.

This year’s Marihuana March 2018 will, according to tradition, be held on the 20th of April at the Congress square in Ljubljana. With the usual number of a few thousand attendees, we are aiming at showing the public and the government that there is public interest in this field. We are currently working on our own survey regarding the use of cannabis in Slovenia, which we want to present to the public and are trying to communicate with the main political parties that are going to be a part of this year’s parliamentary elections and see where exactly each party stands on the question of cannabis. We are continuing with our campaign called #izrazisvojglas (express your thoughts), where we try to encourage people to express their concerns, wishes and ideas with regards to the urgent issues in the cannabis policies in Slovenia. It’s time for a step forward!



Thursday, 20.4.2018

Congress square